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Leaf Pattern Design
Back of a group of volunteers

Volunteering Needs 
Team for heavy Work  - muscle needed for heavy lifting, yard work,
Restocking community shelfs. Time Needed 1 day a week 2hrs 
Bingo- helpers needed for calling, Cooking easy lunch, clean up. Thursdays 2hrs 
Windows- cleaning once a month 2hrs needed
Senior Gardens- Once a week 2hrs would be great for anyone with a green thumb.

After Breakfast Help - people to help wash down tables and help collect dishes. 
Meals on wheels - Drivers always needed and help packing the goodie bags. 
Dinner and Clean up - Helpers would help clean up dinning room (sweep, Mop, Wipe tables) 3days a week 2hrs depending on day 

Garden Club 3 days a week 1hr 
If you are interested in volunteering please call the Center at 208-623-6125 for information. 


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